Merry Tillers For Sale

Titan, circa 1978 I bought this Titan as a non runner, got it running and the machine is in very good order, some suface rust to paintwork as shown. It had the big ratchet wheels but nothing to go with them, so I have fitted one of my many Titan mowers, and would like to sell as a complete Titan sickle mower. Comes with the rotors etc, so you can rotavate as well. This Titan has reverse so is better suited to mowing than the earlier model. Price breakdown, wheels 60 the pair, but you need special extension tubes too, 23 the pair. Mower with vee-plex pulley 120, belt for mower 12. The Titan itself, 150. So grand total 365 but would sell as a package for 300. I will sell the Titan or any/all accessories separately, but not vee-plexes without a mower. It comes with Instructions and both belts.

Free delivery within 25 miles of Lancaster.Email me if you are interested.


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