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There is some confusion about the need for and use of toolbars with accessories for Merry Tillers. First a little history, long before Merry Tillers were made in the UK, a firm called Jalo wheeled hoes made, well, a wheeled hoe. The idea was the wheel rolled along the surface and controlled the depth that the hoe worked at. Various tools were available which bolted to the hoe frame. Wolseley had the idea of using these tools on the back of a Merry Tiller, and produced a "standard toolbar" to allow the Jalo tools to be used. They also sold tools and a toolbar from the US made Merry Tillers, but by about 1961 they had dropped the US tools, and started to sell tools and a toolbar made from 5/8" square bar, probably made by another UK accessories maker, this was called the "heavy duty toolbar." Both tools made by Jalo and those for the heavy duty toolbar were marketed through Wolseley/Atco dealers right up to the end of production, but the tools for one are incompatible with the other's toolbar. Furrowers were made for both toolbars and, though the blade is identical, the ones for the standard toolbar have either a 7/8" round mounting post or a 3/4" square section post but the furrowers for heavy duty toolbars have a 5/8" mounting post to match the rest of the frame. Both toolbars require crossbars and clamps to fit the accessories. Again, those made for one won't fit the other. Some accessories with the 3/4" or round mounting post can be used directly in the hitch casting, and a shortened version of the standard toolbar was made for the front of the Merry Tiller to mount the bulldozer blade and yard scraper attachments. Plastic belt guard Titans have a bracket at the front as standard, so the hitch casting can be moved from the rear to the front of the chassis.


Narrow slasher rotors Part number MT.2549 Narrow slasher rotors are for tilling between rows of existing crops. I have two pairs (not the ones in the photo), they are used, with surface rust.

Used on 1.25" rotor shaft models Major, Professional, Titan, Spartan and Centaur

40 the pair plus 10 postage as they are heavy.

Ridger/Furrower Part number MT.2755 I have two (not the one in the photo), they are used, with surface rust.

Used on 1.25" rotor shaft models. One has a rond post, the other a 3/4" rectangular, so for standard toolbars or fitting into hitch casting. Clamp, if required, is 5 extra. For Major, Professional, Titan, Spartan and Centaur

Note , plastic belt guard models require a Major hitch casting to be used rather than the longer one which is standard on 5hp models.

35 each plus 6 postage as they are heavy.

Side hoes, left and right. I have side hoes for the heavy duty toolbar, and have centre sweep hoes for both standard and heavy duty toolbars. 10 the pair plus 3 postage (as they are heavy) for the side hoes and 10 each + postage for the sweeps.

Email me if you are interested.

Other accessories include a Titan sickle mower. I have things not listed, so

email me if you want anything.

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Spares To order by Cheque History Machines for sale Home

I often get questions about the Merry Truck, British Pathe has a video clip of one in action Boy Farmer