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Merry Tiller Spare Parts

We have a range of spares for the Type C Major circa 1958 to the 1990 Major, UK Professional, Wizard and Titan. As there are some differences between early and late models it is important to know which Merry Tiller you have got, before ordering spares. Also many Merry Tillers have been modified, engine transplants are common. If your machine has been modified will the standard part fit? Merry Tillers rarely wear out but we list a few of the common consumable and most often lost spare parts. All spares are reproduction unless marked as genuine. Most engine spares are available from your local Briggs & Stratton agent or Gateshead Lawnmowers who have been mending Merry Tillers since the 1970s we do not carry them. No Clinton spares are available.

We do not sell spares to the US or Canada as US and Canadian owners can use the MacKissic dealer network for parts.

To order using a Credit card, Debit card or  pay-pal use the shopping basket buttons (to the right of each item). Please note that the postage charged is for UK destinations only. Overseas buyers please Ask before ordering.

To order using a Cheque use this link 

Email us if you need Merry Tiller parts not listed.


Please note that the Titan GT has a gearcase so the parts listed below will not fit GTs.

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Picture Part No. Description

Price each


MT.3735 Chaincase filler plug for all models of Major/Professional/Titan to 1978 and Wizard/Cadet/B66 all years.

Note. Titan GTs and post 1978 Models (except Wizard/Cadet/B66) used the same plug as the engine filler cap so these are available from B & S agents.

MT.343 Rotor shaft bearing for all models of Major/Professional/Titan/Spartan and Centaur. (1.25 inch rotor shaft) 10
W25581 Rotor shaft bearing for all models of Wizard, Cadet and B66 (25mm rotor shaft) 10
MT.345 Right hand input shaft bearing for pre 1978 models of Major/Professional. (with 10.5" dia pulley). 5
MT.345/1 Left hand input shaft bearing for pre 1978 models of Major/Professional. (10.5" dia pulley). Two of these bearings used per machine. 5
MT.3263 Right hand input shaft bearing (closed end) for all Titans/Spartans/Centaurs/Wizards/Cadets/B66 and 1978-on models of Major (with 8" pulley) 10


W25437 Long Spirol pin, fits through 8.25" chaincase pulley on post 1978Major/Titan plus Wizard/Cadet/B66/Spartan and Centaur. 1.50


MT.3779 Short Spirol pin, fits through input shaft and sprocket onMajor/Professional/early Titan plus Wizard/Cadet/B66/Spartan and Centaur. 1.50


MT.344 Rotor shaft oil seal, double lipped for Major/Professional/Titan/Spartan and Centaur. (1.25 inch rotor shaft)


MT.342 Replacement input shaft oil seal for Major, Professional, Titan to 1978 and Wizard. These are not flanged, but fit in the same way as the originals.

Please note. Later Models had a seal built into the outer bearing.

W25582 Rotor shaft oil seal, single lipped for Wizard/Cadet/B66 (25mm rotor shaft).

Please note. You need two seals each side on the B66, Wizard & Cadet (4 per machine).

MT.105m and W25471m Gasket material for all models with chaincases, cork nitrile.

Note. Pre 1978 Major/Titan/Professional and all Wizard/Cadet/B66 models use MT.105 gasket. All post 1978 models use W25471 gasket except Wizard/Cadet/B66. Chose the part number of material for your machine when ordering.

5 for enough material to make one gasket.
Choose part number