Briggs & Stratton make a variety of exhausts for the side valve models used on Merry Tillers over the years. Early 3hp Majors had the set up shown in the first picture below, but by 1964 a deflector was fitted on the end of the cylindrical silencer instead of the 45 degree pipe elbow. Unfortunately this deflector is no longer available, so you will have to go back to the earlier arrangement by using an elbow and extra exhaust locking ring when you want to replace your exhaust (see details below), or use the lo-tone silencer which was fitted to later models with a pulsa-jet carburettor. These, and deflectors to suit, are available  from your local Briggs & Stratton agent. Clinton engines used the same cylindrical silencers as the 3hp Briggs & Stratton.

Most 5hp models use the square box silencer in the second picture, with deflector. However the mounting bolts have a habit of shearing off when you try to remove them, it is then easier to fit a bigger version of the early 3hp set up than try to get the broken bolts out. We stock both types, see below for details. 4hp models are tricky as early ones used the 5hp cylinder block, so use the 5hp silencers, late 4hp engines were based on the 3.5hp block, which can use the same screw in exhausts as the 3hp engines.

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Part number


Price each

89966 Cylindrical silencer for 3hp engines


91838s Cylindrical silencer, complete with 45 degree pipe elbow and extra locking ring for 3hp engines


691720 Exhaust locking ring for 3hp engines


297274 Square Silencer with deflector for 5hp engines


294599 Cylindrical silencer for 5hp engines


91219k Cylindrical silencer kit with 45 degree pipe elbow and two locking rings for 5hp engines


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